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A web-based solution to manage the authoring, revision, review, approvals, translation/localization, typesetting, and publishing of structured documents. ProofPlus® integrates many cost-saving features.

Press Releases: ProofPlus® has been awarded patents in USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Russia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.

  • Automated assembly of documents from the latest approved versions of applicable components based on enterprise and regulated content rules.
  • Alternate versions or editions can be assembled simultaneously, such as English, French, and German versions; or retail and wholesale versions; or financial prospectuses offering different share classes; or spin-offs of larger publications by subject matter.
  • If an alternate version, such as a specific language version, is missing appropriate components, automatic notices can be sent to other writing teams, such as translators or translation services.
  • The document and component libraries provide a searchable, electronic repository of all editions of all publications. The unified search facility has access to every object in the system, including qualification criteria at the document or component level.
  • ProofPlus® easily handles a wide range of document sizes, from single-page documents to individual documents well over 1,000 pages each.