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A web-based solution to manage the authoring, revision, review, approvals, translation/localization, typesetting, and publishing of structured documents. ProofPlus® integrates many cost-saving features.

Press Releases: ProofPlus® has been awarded patents in USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Russia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.

  • Different contributors can work simultaneously on different parts of the document, with permission-based protection against unauthorized changes.
  • Authorized users can work on the document from office or home, or remotely from anywhere in the world over the internet.
  • Content can be written or revised as part of a specific document, or individual components may be created in advance for potential use in multiple future documents. Attributes can be attached to the component to specify its necessary context or applicability.
  • Changes applicable to multiple documents are made only once, updating the common component library, and thus all the documents that share the components.
  • Revision trails alert users as to who has made what changes to component content, as well as when (including edition and proof number) and why. A blacklined display of the text is part of the revision trail for each change.
  • Users can be assigned roles as team members for the production of specific documents. Their role automatically gives them a set of permissions to perform system functions, from editing or reviewing content up to authorization to approve documents for publication.