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BOSTON, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Capital Fulfillment Group, an industry-leading marketing, technology and fulfillment company focused exclusively on the financial services industry, today announced the launch of CFG ProofPlus - a patent-pending authoring management tool from Publishing Data that allows online collaboration among multiple authors, editors and reviewers.

CFG ProofPlus automates the repetitive steps in the production of complex sets of documents by storing content as a library of components that may be reused, shared among documents, and globally revised. Documents are assembled reliably using a rules-based system and then typeset in real-time. Its capability to produce multiple editions from a common library also enables documents to be published in many languages simultaneously.

"We continually strive to provide value-added services to our clients," said Ric McConkey, President and CEO of CFG.  "Earlier this year, we launched ClickOne, which enables financial services companies to easily and cost-effectively satisfy the SEC's summary prospectus rules in one click vs. the required two. Since CFG ProofPlus is a native XML system that allows multiple output formats, including XBRL, EDGAR, HTML and typeset PDFs for print and web, we believe we can offer end-to-end solutions for the creation, validation and analysis of XBRL financial standard content."

"This will allow for the easy adoption of the XBRL standard - mandated worldwide by many regulators to improve the transparency and efficiency of business reporting - for organizations across the global financial information supply chain," added McConkey.

About Capital Fulfillment Group (

Capital Fulfillment Group (CFG) is an industry-leading marketing and technology solutions company focusing exclusively on the financial services industry. CFGweb, CFG's fully integrated marketing and sales platform, provides a suite of solutions that includes the proliferation and distribution of financial content, automated fund fact sheet creation and portfolio illustration, variable data printing services, conference management, presentation and bluebook creation, direct mail/email capabilities with response management services, customized premium gift programs with gifting and compliance reporting, and comprehensive literature and product fulfillment services.

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About Publishing Data Management Inc. (

Publishing Data Management Inc. (PDM) is a leading provider of software for Automated Content Management of financial documents. Since 1970 PDM has helped customers reduce their costs and streamline their document and content processes. The  "ProofPlus" system is web based, using native XML, which will produce XBRL without the usual error prone tagging step. PDM's software manages the Authoring, Revision, Review, Approval Typesetting, Translation and Publishing of all documents including Summary and Statutory Prospectuses, Annual & Semi Annual reports, Mutual Fund Fact Sheets, marketing collateral, board books as well as the structured document needs of other industries.