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NEW YORK, October 28, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ --

Press Release: Canadian Patent Awarded for ProofPlus®, the fully automated system for Financial & Compliance-Critical Electronic Documents

NEW YORK, Oct. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Publishing Data Management announced today that a Canadian patent has been granted for the software engine that drives ProofPlus®, its trademarked electronic document system used for compliance-critical mutual fund, pharmaceutical, and insurance filings. Previous patents have been issued in a number of countries, including Israel, Russia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and the United States, and are pending in China, India, Europe and additional countries. This announcement underscores the significant commitment a company must undertake to protect its inventive efforts in today's global marketplace.

The patented design facilitates comprehensive automation of features not possible in any other solution currently in the marketplace, including translation. ProofPlus® puts the entire process under the total control of its users rather than conventional third parties. The system integrates all aspects of creating, translating, localizing, revising, reviewing, composing, and approving compliance documents for each country's financial regulators. ProofPlus® also features project and content management, automation of composed PDF pages, creation of both EDGAR HTML and ASCII documents, and production of XBRL exhibits – all in multiple natural languages.

To enhance the system's usability and acceptance in an international environment, ProofPlus® offers its UI (user interface) in multiple natural languages, including in non-Roman character sets. Each user in an international enterprise can navigate the system using a UI in his own native language. Documents themselves are displayed in the languages that support the documents' given localizations which are independent of the user's chosen UI display. Thus, a user in Quebec can navigate the system in French while working on documents that also file in English.

The system operates using a reusable 'single-source' library of all the thousands of granular content components that are used in large compliance-critical documents, each with permission controls and an audit trail of all changes, including whether versions in a particular language are synchronous with other language versions. Every element, such as a paragraph, head, table cell, or chart, is stored once and only once, as a separate entry in the library, and may appear in multiple documents and in multiple locations. A revision to any content component in the XML library, which a user might make while working on a current document, automatically ripples through and updates all of the documents that use that component. If a component in another language has been revised more recently than its complement in the working language, an automated request is sent to order an updated translation.

President Addison Roverano adds, "ProofPlus® merited this international patent recognition because it takes an inventive approach to solving companies' mission-critical needs and reducing risk. The underlying design allows the system to recognize components as sets of siblings in multiple languages that can be versioned, tracked and audited as a group. It's also an extension of the system's integration of project management, automatic composition, workflow tools, a robust permissions set, and a formal approval process with accountability at every level."

ProofPlus® provides a valuable Customer Communications tool that drives both web and print output channels simultaneously through its secure private cloud architecture.

Publishing Data Management Inc. is a private company headquartered by Wall Street in New York City, that has been supplying services and software tools to the financial and similar industries for 45 years.

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