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A web-based solution to manage the authoring, revision, review, approvals, translation/localization, typesetting, and publishing of structured documents. ProofPlus® integrates many cost-saving features.

Press Releases: ProofPlus® has been awarded patents in USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Russia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.

  • Reviewers receive email notifications and links to their content for review, along with optional instructions for the scope of their review.
  • Reviewer's comments are tracked and logged electronically. The edition manager tracks the progress of the review cycle through the system to ensure that all required reviews are complete.
  • Users who request on-line proofs receive an email notification and links when the proof is ready.
  • Facilitated by the internet, reviewers can be outside the company as well as in-house.
  • Change-tracking (or 'black lining') is automatic; a proof can be compared to the previous one, to any other proof in the publishing cycle, or to a previous edition.
  • Authority to approve content or documents for publication is a separate permission in the administrative system and is conferred only on selected edition or library managers.