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A web-based solution to manage the authoring, revision, review, approvals, translation/localization, typesetting, and publishing of structured documents. ProofPlus® integrates many cost-saving features.

Press Releases: ProofPlus® has been awarded patents in USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Russia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.

  • ProofPlus® provides the unique capability of publishing documents simultaneously in multiple languages and/or in multiple 'localized' editions.
  • The software stores translated and/or localized versions of every component. When text is added or changed, and the material has not already been translated, the software notifies document managers, distributes on-line the necessary components to translators, and then stores back the resulting translations.
  • ProofPlus® automatically tracks and manages any reorganization made in one document so that all translated versions can be guaranteed to reflect the changes—exactly (and immediately).
  • A 'master' document can originate, and be maintained, in any language or multiple languages. This allows users to author and 'own' different sections or components in their preferred language.
  • ProofPlus® screens can be displayed in the native language of individual users, based on their selected preference.