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A web-based solution to manage the authoring, revision, review, approvals, translation/localization, typesetting, and publishing of structured documents. ProofPlus® integrates many cost-saving features.

Press Releases: ProofPlus® has been awarded patents in USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Russia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.

  • Management of individual documents (or sets of documents) is assignable and that manager has control of team membership, distribution lists, review cycles, and schedules. Document managers have on-screen access to every aspect of that document's publication.
  • Global changes only have to be made once, since all content resides in the common component library, thus reducing repetitive editing and the potential for errors.
  • Externally generated data feeds are automatically uploaded and saved in the system.
  • ProofPlus® keeps track of the production status of all documents in progress, with their deadlines, alerting managers of potential delays, by web or automatic e-mail.
  • Users can generate alerts for consultation by posting an issue that relates to a set of documents, a specific document, a section, or an individual component. Issues may be assigned for resolution to a specific user; once an issue is posted, it is tracked and reported by project so everybody always knows what's outstanding. An issue can be flagged to prevent a document's publication until it is resolved.
  • The system is client-activated and controlled; no third-party service provider ever touches the component or document data. Proofs can be generated immediately at any time.
  • If a company's documents are made up of data or text contributed by outside companies, such as subcontractors, those contributors can "own" their part of the document, preventing unauthorized changes.