Automated, Financial Publishing

Integrated Features for Fully Automated Cost-Effective Financial Document Production and Filing.

ProofPlus® is a web-based solution to manage the authoring, revision, review, approvals, translation/localization, typesetting, and publishing of structured documents.

ProofPlus® supports all the intricate steps involved in the production of large, complex documents, especially those requiring collaboration among multiple authors, editors and reviewers.

ProofPlus® maintains content in a shared library of text, tables, footnotes, charts and graphics. The library has controls for versioning, usage, and document assembly.


Reusable, version-controlled content in a shared component library with revision history and issue tracking.

Automated data uploads and legacy content imports.

Automated document assembly for compliance with business rules and regulatory requirements.

Automated table and chart creation from stored data.

Collaborative authoring, editing, and review process.

Shared content for up-to-date consistency across all documents.

Automated composition, typesetting and publishing.

Unlimited web-ready and print-ready proofs with high quality typographic composition done in real time (PDF, HTML, Word, etc.)

Blacklines are available against any previous proof.

Project Management with Configurable Team Roles and Permissions.

Review cycles with notifications, comments, and status updates.

Automated/Integrated EDGAR Filings with Inline XBRL for Prospectuses and SAIs.

Automatic notifications of key events.

Comprehensive technology stack for scaleability and adaptablility (Java, XML, XSL, XBRL, MariaDB, React, InDesign.)

Disaster avoidance through multiple secure server locations with replication and automatic failover.

Rich configuration features customize ProofPlus® for your document requirements.


Engenders process improvement.

Reduces internal and external labor, waiting times, and costs.

Reduces overall document preparation costs.

Enhances productivity of current staff.

Reduces manual intervention — and associated errors.

Eliminates redundant activities.

Improves workflow and shortens production time.

Interfaces with data sources to automate your document preparation process.

Version control avoids errors in consistency or inclusion of outdated content.

Best of all: Increases ROI by lowering current costs and enabling future savings.