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ProofPlus Roadmap

ProofPlus® stores reusable, version-controlled content in a shareable component library of paragraphs, tables, charts, footnotes, graphics, etc. Each component has a profile of its structural location within a document and optional rules to further validate its insertion into specific documents.

Documents in turn store a profile of the information they can contain.

The Engine evaluates the library against a document's profile to validate candidates for the document.

ProofPlus® Project Management supports configuration of team members, their roles and permissions for each document on the system.

Different contributors can work concurrently on different parts of the same document and see changes in real time, fostering collaboration.

Changes applicable to multiple documents are made only once, updating the common component library and all the documents that share the components.

A real-time flag alerts users to new library changes to components within their documents.

Revision trails show who has made changes, when and why. The revision trail also contains a blacklined display for each change.

The ProofPlus® text and table editor is streamlined for use with structured documents. Besides text and table editing, it has a rich set of features for navigation, library search, intelligent variables, component profile properties, and spreadsheet import.

The combination of roles and permissions protects against unauthorized changes

ProofPlus® creates new documents in two ways: The rules-based generation from the component library or by copying the previous version of a document for its next edition.

In both cases the document uses the latest versions of applicable components. Supplied data sources enable tables and charts to generate automatically.

Reviewers receive email notifications and links to their content for review, along with optional instructions for the scope of their review.

Reviewer's comments are tracked and logged electronically in the ProofPlus® "Notes" portal.

The edition manager tracks the progress of the review cycle in the portal to ensure that all required reviews are complete.

Change-tracking (or 'blacklining') is automatic; a proof can be compared to the previous one, to any other proof in the publishing cycle, or to a previous edition.

Reviewers or the edition manager can assign review comments to specific team members for updates.

Each comment is logged with the component it pertains to, the reviewer and review date, requested resolution date, a summary and full description, and a status.

Unresolved issues go through an iterative revision/review process until they are dealt with.

Once all issues are "Resolved" during the interative review/revise process, the edition manager can approve the document for publication.

Authority to approve content or documents for publication is a separate permission in the administrative system and is conferred only on selected edition or library managers.

ProofPlus® generates high-quality typographically composed pages for each review cycle.

Reviewers always see the documents the way they will print or display, paginated with charts, tables, graphs, and illustrations in place.

There is no limit on the number of proofs or pages generated for review.

ProofPlus® can produce multiple formats of the same document simultaneously.

These include PDFs for on-demand printing, color-separated and imposed PDFs for lithographic printing, secured and accessible PDFs for internet display, HTML for posting to web sites, XML for the web or data transfer, Word for utility purposes, and EDGAR with iXBRL for filing.

Since the ProofPlus® document itself is style agnostic, each output is a direct structural transformation of the content mapped to each output's style specifications. It's automatic, fast, and error-free.

The output formats are available at any stage in the workflow.

ProofPlus® can publish simultaneously in multiple formats, including PDFs for on-demand or conventional printing, accessible PDFs, HTML for posting to web sites, XML for the web or content exchange, EDGAR for filing and Word.

Send output via email distribution lists as attachments or links to a protected site. Or deliver files using standard protocols over the web.

ProofPlus® can maintain dedicated web sites for print vendors or other volume consumers where documents can be distributed as they are approved.

Upon being notified a document is ready, a vendor links to their website to download it.

EDGAR with iXBRL and required hyperlinks is available as soon as documents are approved.

The ProofPlus® filing portal presents a seamless interface that automatically collects documents prepared on the system, supports additional exhibits, and files (live or test) with a "click".

The filing portal shows a complete history of each filing.